/* new test area! */

Hey Hey! Well, as you have noticed, we have a new testing zone.

Sorry for the problems it will create to you guys, but in this way it's easier for me to test and add new features to the package browser, to the italian site and to the old slackware.it/en/ stuff. Remember to update your RSS aggregators, if you use them, the RSS have moved!

This is supposed to be the temporary place for all this new stuff until we move it to slackware.com -- thing that will be happening.. soon? Well, I hope so but I can't decide when it's the time on my own (you guys can't too!).
So, be advised that the RSS will probably move again, once this site replaces the good old slackware.com website.

Well, I hope you like this new test field, I tried to keep it "slackware style", but freshing things up a bit! If you find an empty page or something not expected, well go to slackware.com.. that's still the official, and complete Slackware Linux website. Feel free to flame the hell out of me dropping emails at my usual address: fizban at slackware.com -- but PLEASE JUST WRITE ME ABOUT THE WEBSITE, I CAN'T ADD PACKAGES TO SLACKWARE-CURRENT! ;-)